Воевода, Тимченко - A Course of English Student\'s Book

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Dear Hilda,
This is my first e-mail message to you from Moscow. I've got great news to tell you
I'm a university student You remember I once told you about my dream to become
an economist. Well, in July I took entrance exams to Moscow State Institute of International
Relations. (In fact, it is a university.) There were a lot of applicants and
the exams were rather difficult but I passed them well enough to become a first-year
student. Sometimes I don't believe it myself.
Our University is situated in Lobachevsky Street in the South-West of Moscow. It
is supervised by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the
Russian Federation. The University's history goes back to 1944 when it was founded
as the first institute to train personnel for the diplomatic service. Besides Russian
students there are students from many other countries. The graduates of the University
work in different countries. Among them there are prominent statesmen and
politicians, economists and businessmen, writers and journalists.
The University is headed by the Rector who has the diplomatic rank of an ambassador.
There is also the Vice Rector and several assistants. The faculties are headed by
deans, who are aided by assistants.
There are six faculties at the University. The Faculty of International Relations, the
Faculty of International Economic Relations, the Faculty of International Law, the
Faculty of International Journalism, the Faculty of Political Science and the Faculty
of International Business and Management. There are also several Institutes, which
have the status of faculties. I am a student of the Faculty of International Economic
Relations. My fellow students and I major in economics, finance and commerce.
Some students are Muscovites, others come from all over the world. Two students in
my class come from Moscow, one is from a small town in the Far East there is also
a girl from the Caucasus and a boy from Central Asia. I am already acquainted with
many of my fellow students.
Classes begin at 9 o'clock in the morning and last till two or four in the afternoon. In
the middle of the day there is an hour break for lunch. I usually have lunch at the university
canteen, but some of my fellow-students go to one of the several snack-bars.
After classes students often go to the library or to the multimedia laboratory. The
University library is a modern building with a rich collection of books on different
subjects. There is also a large reading room with a reference deparent and a number
of PCs. The multimedia laboratory is situated on the fourth floor. It offers all
kinds of material, including access to the World Web.
The campus covers a large territory. There is a dormitory (or a hostel), a sports centre,
a garage and a parking lot. Our students can do different sports and take driving
lessons. I play volleyball twice a week, but I always feel pressed for time. There isn't
enough time for everything I'd like to do here. But though there is a lot of homework
to do every day and I often revise for my tests till two in the morning, I enjoy my
studies here. I am sure that's the kind of life I'm cut out for.
Sorry, the lunch break is over and I must fly. Our lecturers hate it when we are late
for classes. I'm going to mail you another message tomorrow. Don't be lazy and mail
me a message as soon as you can. I'm looking forward to it. Give my love to your parents.

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