Abandon All Ships - Geeving

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let me explain cause it drives me insane.
just to know you are there seems like you don't care another ending the same.

fuck you and everyone and everything.
cause we all know whose king,
when i'm still standing in the ring.

it's so hard to say,
couldn't run away, it's those games you played,
wish you would've stayed. in a dream she came to me
blinded by the light put up a fight i couldn't see,
i never knew this was a war. lost count at you're a whore.
karma's fair but instead i'd rather see you dead.

it's so hard to say. couldn't run away.
it's those games you played wish you would've stayed,
in a dream she came to me, blinded by the put up a fight i couldn't see.

i would walk through fire just to be with you.
there's nothing in the world that i wouldn't do.
run away. in a dream she came to me. blinded by the light.
put up a fight, i couldn't see.
we don't give a fuck we just came to party.

i don't give a fuck i just came to party.
wish you would have stayed. stay with me.

Abandon All Ships - Geeving

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