Adam WarRock - Benny C

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But I just call him Benny C for short
Dont you know
Oh, his full name
It goes like this
Benedict Cumberbatch
Hey, youre all confident enough to say I think hes pretty handsome
Even though hes kinda weird looking and then some
Hes everyday these days on TV and cinema
Everyone if youre with me put them upward
Youve got the mystery hell solve it probably
Yes, he came back from the Reichebach fall, honestly
Hes kinda cool, kinda dorky, kinda something that I cant explain
Thats why hes big in his game
And his name is kinda funny to say
Kinda long and I dont care if they still get that name wrong around me
Hey, for sure, I just call him Benny C
I just want to be his best friend indeed
I mean this thing
Benedict Cumberbatch
Dont u know he was Smaug in the Hobbit 2
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy
I saw it too
Taking over Hollywood
Man, he got it going on
Even Spock and Kirk are yelling
Aint nothing wrong with a man cause a little admiration
Just because I want his face on every TV station
Just because I want to play in every voice on Penguins of Madagascar
You know, the Broadway adaptation
John Watson, hes so lucky
He gets to call Sherlock Holmes his buddy
And Martin Freeman probably caught him in his celly(.??)
But its too long, so I bet he calls him Benny
But his name is
Benedict Cumberbatch
Whose Benny, she says, alas, in that special way
Whose Benn,y she says, you know I love him
But I just call him Benny c for short
Dont you know

Adam WarRock - Benny C

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