Alex Farnham feat Bart Baker - Pharrell Williams Happy Parody

Текст песни:

I'm 41 but look like I am 8
32 pounds is how much I weigh
My hat's so big you can see it from space
And this song's so overplayed it will drive you insane
Cue awful dancing
Clap along if you love watching people who can't dance
My style is tacky
I look like Smokey the Bear in this ridiculous brown hat
This song's so crappy
That it's used by the army to torture people in Iraq
I'm so unhappy
But you'd never know because I just did a shit ton of crack
I really owe Daft Punk and Robin Thicke
Cause without them I'd be irrelevant
You need to polish our dicks until they both shine
But before that let's snort some blurred lines
We're way too happy
Clap along if you're high and you just wanna clap
We're way too happy
The only way to stand this song
Is to take ecstasy and do smack
Happy happy happy
Apparently saying the same word
90 times guarantees a smash
Happy happy happy
Holy shit, I love happiness
Please take all of my hard earned cash
I'm shaking now
Did so much speed
Have to make sure
That I stay happy
So I can brainwash humanity
With this dumb song
And then sell more CD's
Stop, I'm here to sue Pharrell
I'm a Prozac attorney
The whole world's happy because of this goddamn song
And our drug sales are tanking
Freeze, style police
Pharrell you're under arrest
For that fugly ass brown headpiece
But it's trendy
It's way too big for your head
You look like an ad for Arby's
Guys, stop arguing
Pharrell I got your tests back
And found out why your hat looks so big
You are shrinking
That is also why your voice
Sounds like a prepubescent kid
What are you saying?
According to this chart
You have ten more seconds to live
Doc please help me
There's nothing that can be done
Say goodbye to your fake happiness

Thank god that horrible song is over
Now will someone please get in here and burn that fucking hat?

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