All the minutes gradually fly away - Голубой Вагон англ.версия

Текст песни:

1) All the minutes gradually fly away-
And you shouldn't wait for them again
And, of course, we're sorry 'bout the past, but yet
All the best is certainly ahead

Spreading like tablecloth, distant way goes on,
And it can reach right heaven's horizon.
Everyone, everyone should believe in the best.
The Blue Coach is rolling, rolling on...

2) Maybe we offended someone just in vain?
The calendar will turn over that page.
We are rushing forward to adventures, Friends
Hey, come on, speed up, Engineer

3) The blue coach is running and swinging on.
The rapid train is speeding up it's pace.
And how come this day is coming to the end?
Why can't we prolong all happy days?

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