Barely Political - Pitbull - Timber ft. Keha PARODY Key of Awesome

Текст песни:

I'm in the South, I can't remember
If I just moved. Where are my pants?
I spent the night with Ms. December
Where is Pitbull, let's make a hit

You're late for the shoot

I'm at the beach

I'll go down to you

That's not necessary

But first I'll brush my teeth and gargle with this booze.

Ugh. Gross
Stay put, seriously
Nah We just gon' do this one over the phone
So I can kiggity keep watchin' Deputy Dawg
When you say you're going down, what do ya mean?
Do you mean going down on me, senor clean?
If that's the case no thanks i got it covered
I get more action than shamu has blubber
I'll stay here. You stay on your rocker,
and Kids, always remember to drink Dale vodka.

If Keha sings on your song
Make the space between you long
last time i saw her we made love

when she left i had bed bugs
had to put my stuff in bags
Even Lassie, such a drag

What is Kesha up to now
What is her part of the song about?

I just fell down, crashed through a winder
But it was cool, hey there's my pants
I have to go, I promised Pitbull
I'd be the girl, on his new jam
I think we should, move in together

No please no

I'll do the chores,

I got a maid

You pay the rent

I fly solo

We'll get bunk beds, best friends forever
It'll be fun, you won't regret

Ay Dios Mio
C'mon now Keha stay two states away
I don't want to have to have the guy come and spray

This song is about objectifying women
and selling products like Pitbull's Fried Chicken

Stay right there in that dive Luganis
Bet that place smells like ass anus

Hey what happened to that model?
Uh by sharks

Chew tobacco doe see doe
Is this country? I don't know

This video don't make no sense
I have to speak to my agent
He made me replace Dale with Timber

I used to say Dale, do you remember?
Dale is an awesome word
Timber's just a piece of wood. Hello?

I'm in your house, and I'm hungover
I'm gonna puke, where is your trash?
Oh here it is, it's on your dresser
A golden cone, it's on a stand

No Not my latin Grammy
Damn girl How much puke you got inside?
Exterminator, I have a Kesha infestation in my house. Yes I can hold.

Barely Political - Pitbull - Timber ft. Keha PARODY Key of Awesome

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