Beyond The Sunset - Everything Ends

Текст песни:

This feeling
Maybe this isnt what you want
Believe me
I see this
And it is not what you deserve
Its that kind of hypocrisy
That never ends
You can be such a person
That you want to pretend
Its so hard for me
To understand it
Youre just really obsessed
With your passion to kill
But sometimes
Its not just what it seems

And I know
Moving around
Is this a calling that Ive been waited
So I will be just fine
When everything ends
There will be a new day

Forget this
Maybe it isnt worth it
Still waiting
Still sleeping
Until the end that you cant see
Forget this
Maybe its nothing but your demise
Still waiting
Still sleeping
It seems to me, or Im just losing my time
Its unknown
Where you have to stop

Its so cold
Cuz you are so lost
Lost in imaginary places
In the place where you belong
And I feel
Something just rips me and wants me to stop
I care
bout you to stay alive

Beyond The Sunset - Everything Ends

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