blAke - VACation Day


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Some people are just dicks . There's no denying it
But if you cheat in game you are just a fucking lying prick
There's an autority and you are undermining it
The majority is decent but you are a crying bitch
If you just cheat cause u "wanna have fun too
And u don't have the time to go through the grind too"
And you are just lazy with your selfish little world view
All the other people in this game have had to learn too
But you, well, you just get that little soft aim
To help you destroy everyone in every comp game
You go into leagues, you think you are so clever
And then cheat for money,
Now that's on a whole another level
Yor're not a little rebel, you're just really sad
You can't deal with the fact that you're prolly really bad
But that is not an excuse, It's just a disgrace
You're fake, and you're due for some vacation days, HAHA
Heey ey it's VACation day
You can blame your dog while we all play today
So, Hey, sing it , it's VACation day
I guess it's over now wiht all your blatant plays
Come on
Hey ey Vacation Day
I got this Vac ban but my friend played today
Hey ey Vacation Day
See you never again,never again

blAke - VACation Day

Дата добавления: 2017-01-11
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