Bones - Burn It Down

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[Verse 1]
Burn it down, burn it all down (down)
Look around, take another look around (look around)
Are you pleased with the bed that you made (that you made)
Are you content with the lies that you said (that you said)
Can you sleep baby, tell me can you sleep?
Knowing what you did, just knowing what you did
Tryna run you know, try to hide, I just hope you fucking die
You can't run, you know
You can't hide, from real life
It's do or die
You can't run, you know
You can't hide, finally sleeping now
[Verse 2]
Ghosts in the dream you afraid to fall asleep
Say you don't believe but you down on your knees
But you'll never get an answer (never get an answer)
Backwoods in my lungs, pocket full of drugs
Feel like I'm dyin' but I keep holding on
You wake me from my nighares
Die slow for me, die slow for me (x2)
Die for me (x2)

Bones - Burn It Down

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