BONES - Glad We Have An Understanding


Текст песни:

Fuck out the way
All your shit lame
I feel no pain were not the same we in this thing
Scrapyard boy backyard noise mold in my veins can't breathe
Fuck this world wasn't meant for me
Or the other way around either way

We we got what they need to get this bitch movin
You you see and repeat but still you can't do it

Thats just reality checkin back
Go back online and go flex them racks
The people you swear that would have your back
They the first one to go ghost when it black

I hope you get all this money
And realize that this shit is nothing but trouble
I hope that i figure out all this shit with time

Here we go again sitting in the alleyway bitch im on a roll again
Glass in the street bums sleepin on the curb
100 so called good people pass without a word
And they say wanna change it
You dont wanna change less its something that you pay with
Say theres a price but you yet to ever pay shit
People talk victim but dont ever wanna save shit

You you got what it takes but youll never do shit
You you see and repeat and still you can't do it

BONES - Glad We Have An Understanding

Дата добавления: 2016-12-28
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