Bones - Where The Trees Meet The Freeway

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[Verse 1 Bones]
Lightin' up the blunt while I'm thinking of you
Walking down the block
I aint whippin' the coup
Take another drag while I look at the moon
Young GPS I come equip with the route
I don't have to wonder cause I see the truth
I don't need love you can hear the proof
Break another bag while I feel the ruins
Start to look my way but I ain't in the mood
My closet's nothing but Harley
I ride hard without fallin'
Goodwrench on this deadboy
I rev the wheels now they foggy
Sponsors floodin' my inbox but there's one thing that they don't know
I stuff thick money in my thin socks
And not yet to sign for no dough

[Verse 2 Bones]
You don't wanna die with a guy like me
I know that you
Got another plan
No you got another dream
So why can't you?
Breathe in

[Verse 3 Bones]
Fuck you and your team
Fuck you and your dreams
You look like the rest and you sounding like me
Gotta co-sign now you think you a beast
Fuck that and fuck this
I put that up on me
Act like you hard but in person you sweet
Yet to meet you but I heard from the streets
You couldn't breathe if you stepped up to me
Look at my eyes and I'll show you the creep
Blade on my dick ain't a fuckin' thing changed
These baby boys rappin
I feel like Ving Rhames
Bitch keep it down you got nothing to say
Watch how you walk
And don't walk in my way

Bones - Where The Trees Meet The Freeway

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