Eazy-E - Creep-N-Crawl

Текст песни:

Straight off tha streets of muthafuckin Compton
Its the downest nigga I know
Eazy muthafuckin me
Bout to kick your ass in Ninety-Three

I creep and I crawl and I creep and I crawl
And I creep and I crawl CREEP CREEP
I said I creep and I crawl and I creep and I crawl
And I creep and I crawl CREEP CREEP

I got my niggas from Gravestreet WATTS
I got my niggas from the CPT
I got my niggas all across the motherfuckin land
Thats down with the E-A-Z-Y E
Now , early in the mornin I awake
Thinkin about these dead fools life that I had to take
Frontin on a true name I peep game at point blank range
(muthafuckin right yall)
Back to the set as I jet
Not givin a fuck about the nigga that I went
Thats what he gotta shout for actin like a trick
Now hes 6 feet and Im deep in his bitch
Creepin creepin creepin on the marks that be sleepin
Catch you slippin slap the clip in buck em every weekend
A scandalous lil nigga with the heart to feel remorse
Dick the niggas corps leave it on his mommas porch
Dont give a fuck about shit thats why I mellow
Or maybe its the fact that Im kin to the devil
A psychopathic nigga thats always quick to fill a
Nigga for a ?? cause Im a muthafuckin killer
Thriller from Manilla though Im shown as the average
Try to test your luck and get bucked by a muthafuckin savage


I got my niggas from Gravestreet WATTS
I got my niggas from the CPT
I got my niggas all across the muthafuckin land
Thats down with the E-A-Z-Y E
Now , later on that night as Im rollin
Lookin for a nigga I can Gat and pack a hole in
Stoppin at a light on the latenight
Fire up a Phillie Blunt to get my head right
See some niggas slippin at a burger stand
And in my mind all Im thinkin is a murder plan
Creepin through the drive through kinda slow
I got my hot beams on the back of the .4
Yo , smokin on chronic with the rag down
Not knowin Im about to lay their ass down
Reach for them fools make my move
Leaned out my jeep and I creep kinda smooth
With the Gat to the niggas dome now hes sleeps
One shot to the top body flopped on the seat
Peep , I dumped on the lil skinny passenger
A bitch is screamin in a rage so I blasted her
Smashed and I got about 5 blocks
Before I got stopped by punk ass cops
(shit, fuck em)
[shots rang out]

Eazy-E - Creep-N-Crawl

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