Infected Rain - Dancing Alone Instrumental

Текст песни:

Slowly, softly suffocating
I feel my lungs aching and burning
The painful fullness of my lips
The whipping savage music bits

(Pre) I feel the madness on my tongue
From your smell I feel so drunk
Im curling and dancing barefoot
Itching but feeling damn good

(Chorus) My hands are tight Im begging for your touch
My eyes are blinded I want to see your light
You perfect knowing fingers fire on my skin
I feel your gaze and hunger Im drowning in your scent

My blood is heating in my veins
Desire unfurls in a wild hurricane
Im crying Im smiling for you
Im dancing Im fighting for you

(Break) I want you to breathe me in, never ever breathe me out
Blind me, hurt me, burn me from inside
Grip me, bite me, make me scream out loud


I cant stop dancing, afraid to move
I feel so empty, I feel so full
Arching my chest I wish you were here
Trembling from desire, I can feel you, dear


Infected Rain - Dancing Alone (Instrumental)

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