Instalok - Use Your CC ft. Lunity Maroon 5 - Sugar PARODY

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Been losing lately, whats that about?
Please tell me something something to help me out
Alright I got you, youre comps are weak
A team of nothing but stunning is all you need

First Im gonna get Orianna
Then youre gonna pick up Kalista
And you're linking with Malphite in lane (That's crazy)

Ill be giving our Wukong the ball
Amumus gonna be snaring them all
Activating our spells in a chain

Use your
Lock them down with all our AOE
Yea I'm sure
It's GG
When were coordinating our ulties

Yea, you know we gonna stun and
Win the team fights
Need some wombo combos in my life
Whats more
than a team of AOE CC?

Ripped them to pieces, Theyre giving up
Thanks to your words of wisdom I finally won
How do you counter
Knock ups galore?
Lets keep on playing playing and win some more

Instalok - Use Your CC ft. Lunity (Maroon 5 - Sugar PARODY)

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