/konshens - show yourself/

Текст песни:

Gyal a bruk out like bad pickney
This mad pickney seh shi have to gimmi
Which mad addi gyal have the job to gimmi
Weh di sister? Go call the aunty fi mi
Gyal spread out like obile
Negril, Ochi, MObay girls gone wild
So special like golden child
The gyal the a show them style

Hot sexy gyal show your self
Hot sexy gyal show your self
Hot sexy gyal show your self
Fling out, fling out, expose your self

Gyal you fi bubble it, wine meck mi si yo
Tek out mi money inna mi pocket and gi yo

MI love fi si a bag a gyal, bag a gyal mi love fi si
No lazy gyal, mi love woman weh full a energy
Gyal bruk out cause yo body no cemetery
Any man no love si gyal a mi enemy
Stand up, drop, wine, wine, wine, stop

/konshens - show yourself/

Дата добавления: 2016-11-20
Слова песни прочитаны: 362

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