Pendulum - The Vulture & Crush

Текст песни:

It's the rise of the Vulture
I feel the panic
All those who are nervous
With loss of dynamic
Your blood's been poisoned
If your heart is sour
Hear the sound of the war drums
We're taking the power
(We're taking...the power)
We're taking the power
(We're taking...the power)

I was running out in the cold light
Wondering where to go
To run away
Without you
All my fear is coming home
And it's ripped out from the soul
You can't be me
I will become you (tonight)

I was wandering under black skies
Clutching at what is mine
No control
Left to lose
Well, I thought that it wouldn't faze me
But I'm hiding like a child
I feel so guilty
I'll make it up to you (tonight)

I was breaking out of my own skin
Choking up on release
I'm in no state
To judge you
Scratching itches best left alone
Chasing memories I used to own
I can't wait until this is over (tonight)

Visions I've been dreaming are coming down
They're changing my future
Visions I had buried underground
Returning to abuse us future

Pendulum - The Vulture & Crush

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