Sarah Connor - Miss U Too Much

Текст песни:

the river's rotten and dry
a forest losing leaves
and there's no ending
no use pretending
a girl feels lost inside
and all she ever wants is your affection
what would you do when
i take all my senses
and i lay them at your feet


'coz i don't need my eyes
if they can't see you
and i don't need my hands
if we can't touch
no i don't need my lips
if they can't kiss you baby
they're only showing me
what i don't wanna see
they only tell me that i miss you too much

oh i miss you too much

we had a promise made
a vow too strong to break
we'd stay together
at least forever

but here's what i gotta learn
to wait till you return
became my mission
so please forgive me
if i sacrifice my senses for a little bit of your love


too bad,too long,too strong
to keep holding on
too far away
how long has this been going on
i know someday i'll find you somewhere
you'll take me in your arms to set me free
oh yeah


they just tell me that i miss you too much
oh no
i miss you too much

Sarah Connor - Miss U Too Much

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