The Yeshiva Boys Choir - Daddy Come Home

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Daddys been gone
Gone for so long
For him I pray
He joined the Corps
Fighting a war
Somewhere far away
He promised me hed return
When the Chanukah candles burn
So here I wait
The blessings I recite
By the candle-light
But its getting late

Daddy come home
Stay with me
Let me hold your hand
Let me sit upon your knee
I see fear
In Mommys eyes
Every time she cries
And tries to comfort me

Its scary here at home
My mind begins to roam
Have I lost you?
I hear the phone
Mommys mournful moan
It cant be true

Where has he gone?
How will I carry on?
Tell me what can I say?
I need to pray
Please hear my plea
Send my Daddy home to
Whos that I hear
Calling my name
I run into his arms
Yes, my Daddy came
Home to me
Hes on his knees
Now hes holding me
For all eternity
Now, as night falls
We stand tall
Eight candles burning bright
And theyre lighting up the night
Home at last
Eyes aglow
I hug my Daddy tight
And Im not letting go

The Yeshiva Boys Choir - Daddy Come Home

Дата добавления: 2016-12-13
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